Frequently Asked Questions


Allume is an on-demand personal shopping service. We match you to a personal shopper who gets to know you and finds you great clothes based on your goals, style, body shape, and budget. You work directly with a real person. She shops based on what you are looking for. You choose what you want to order. Everything comes from real brands and prices are never marked up. Your personal shopper is here to understand you and find you great clothes!

Allume is not a styling box where you take a quiz and then get sent a box of mystery clothes. Allume is a real personal shopper who suggests clothes and lets you choose what to buy. Some key differences from styling boxes: You talk directly with your personal shopper. She shops based on your specific needs. You are in control of what you order. Your items arrive from various brands and retailers. It is not a subscription. There's no commitment.

  1. Step 1: Take our style quiz. We will ask you questions about your style, your body shape, and your budget. With this information, we can match you to a personal shopper that we think is a good fit for you!
  2. Step 2: Your personal shopper shops for you. While keeping in mind your goals, style, body shape, and price, she begins shopping for you. She only shops from real brands. She will even look for items on sale if you ask her to.
  3. Step 3: Your personal shopper will share the items she found for you. These might be in the form of outfits or a selection of pieces. She’ll base this on the goals you shared for this styling session. She’ll be there to answer any questions you might have.
  4. Step 4: Decide which items you’d like to purchase. You can tell your stylist which items you’d like to buy, and she’ll create a single invoice for you. One checkout, super easy!
  5. Step 5: Receive your items. You can try them on at home. You can share photos with your personal shopper for feedback. If items don’t work out, you can easily return them. We choose stores with good return policies. And, if you have any problems, our concierge team can help out.
  6. Step 6: Use your personal shopper again. Your personal shopper’s goal is to really get to know you and do a great job picking clothes for you. If you enjoyed working with her, you will get the same personal shopper and build your relationship. If you’d prefer to try a different personal shopper, we can easily re-match you!



Your Allume styling session costs $20. If you choose to buy any of the items, this $20 fee will be credited towards anything you purchase.

No, we never mark up the clothes. Our personal shoppers look for the best prices online. You can even ask the stylist to source sale items.

No, this is not a subscription. You decide when you want to have a new styling session.


Your personal shopper sources from real brands online. Our personal shoppers try to focus on brands with free shipping or low limits for shipping. You will see any shipping charges before you order. If you want to avoid shipping, you can ask your stylist to find more items from that store.

Returns work like normal online returns. You can return any items directly to the brand. We pick stores with good return policies. There is usually a return label in the box. But, if you have any trouble with return labels, please email our support team at [email protected] and they can help.


The more information your stylist has, the better job she'll do finding you great clothes! Some key tips: provide detail in your quiz, share photos, provide Pinterest or Instagram accounts if you have them, give honest feedback when you talk to your stylist! All of these help your personal shopper really get to know you and your needs so she can do a great job finding clothes you love!

Absolutely, you are working with a real person shopping on your behalf. Some common ways that clients use their personal shoppers: special occasion (summer wedding, business function), seasonal wardrobe refresh, updating their work wardrobe, sourcing specific items (new shoes, bag, jeans), figuring out how to style around some pieces in their closet.

Absolutely, your personal shopper is finding items truly personalized to your needs. She will understand your body size and shape. Then she'll shop all online brands to find pieces that work for you! You can help by sharing photos and by letting her know what parts of your body you like to highlight and which you like to downplay.

Yes, our personal shopper can work within your budget. She will shop all online brands and can focus on price points that work for you. You can help by sharing how you think about price for different items, how you feel about "investment" vs. "trendy" pieces, how you feel about full-price vs. sale items.


Yes, you are working with a real person, not a bot! Our personal shoppers are professional stylists.

Allume pays your personal shopper hourly. She is not commissioned. She is measured on client satisfaction and client purchase rate.

Absolutely, the more you work together, the better she'll get to know you!

Of course, our goal is to find a personal shopper that is the right long term relationship for you. Sometimes this process takes time. Please email our support team and we'll re-match you.


You can reach out to your stylist over text messaging (650-278-4732) to request a new styling session. She'll ask about your goals (event, refresh, specific items looking for, etc). And, she'll get started!

They are usually scheduled for 15 minutes. Your stylist will reach out over text messaging for your conversations. Please add our number 650-278-4732 to your contacts so you'll know it's us. You can always reschedule a styling conversation by emailing [email protected].

If you haven't heard back after finishing your quiz, please email us at [email protected] and we'll sort it out!

Right now, we are only styling women. You must be 18 years old to use the service and must live in the U.S.


Please contact us with [email protected].

Please contact us at [email protected].