About Us

Our mission is to help busy women find great clothing and feel confident in their styling choices.

Why We Created Allume

We believe that every woman deserves to look and feel her best, regardless of size, style, or budget. Personal styling used to be reserved for the privileged few, and we want to make it accessible to all. Our name, Allume (pronounced "ah-loom") means "to light up". And that's why we created the service. We want to help you feel amazing by igniting what is already inside of you!

About Our Personal Shoppers

Our personal shoppers are professional women with years of personal styling and retail experience. They’re focused on getting to know you, understanding what you want, and helping you achieve your best look. Our personal shoppers do not work on commission, nor are they required to shop from a certain set of stores – they’re focused entirely on your satisfaction. Their goal is to make you happy and to build an ongoing relationship with you.

About Our Founder

Allume’s founder and CEO Mauria Finley was always looking for someone who could help her make great choices about her wardrobe. She was inspired to start Allume to help women of all shapes, sizes, and budgets to have personalized shopping experiences that are both affordable and fun.

Mauria loves building services that make women's lives easier and bring them joy. Most recently, Mauria founded Citrus Lane, a subscription box for parents that was acquired by Care.com. Prior to that, Mauria ran the Fashion, Home, & Beauty categories at eBay. Mauria currently serves on the board of Fossil Group (NASDAQ: FOSL) and teaches at Stanford University.

Our Team & Investors

We have an experienced team that comes from Pinterest, One Kings Lane, Yahoo!, eBay, Mint, Trumaker, Harry Rosen and Citrus Lane. We'd love to have you join the team, please check out Careers @ Allume.